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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Your Input in Shaping the Ford Site

By Mayor Chris Coleman

There is a lot of big development news happening in Saint Paul right now. On the Ford Site we are processing all the feedback from our 2015 public meetings and working to refine priorities and plans for zoning and public realm. I wanted to share an update on what the City is doing to advance the site to redevelopment where these 135 acres will emerge as a connected, livable and sustainable site and serve as a model for a 21st Century Community.

Right now, we are wrapping up the energy system, storm water management, and jobs strategy studies to set a course for implementation on these important elements for a resilient and livable place. Results and recommendations on all three of these key urban design and planning activities are expected by the end of the year.

public meeting participants

We have initiated a traffic study for the site, examining best ways to move traffic on and off the site, while encouraging more trips to occur by walking, biking and transit. Look forward to an upcoming public meeting to find out more about what the traffic study will encompass and how it will shape plans for transportation on the site.

Currently, we are awaiting the results of the environmental analysis from Ford. The city is working closely with Ford Land to expedite these results, which will inform zoning for the site. The zoning and public realm plan to be adopted by the City is the next and final step to position the site for the vibrant development that we have all envisioned.

The public input on this process has been extremely important as we work through the challenges and opportunities that this unique site offers. We look forward to sharing the summary of the community’s input at a public meeting on December 1st.

Further updates can be found at and via the Saint Paul’s 21st Century Community newsletter. Thank you for your ongoing support in this exciting effort to build a 21st century community!