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Monday, August 4, 2014

See, Click, Fix

Saint Paul is the “Most Livable City in America” – and to keep it that way, the City of Saint Paul launched the Saint Paul Connect app in March of 2013. This application allows residents to utilize their smart phones to report issues in Saint Paul.  While the GPS technology in most smart phones helps, if you do have an actual address of the issue you are reporting, please put it in the subject of your complaint. This speeds up the nature of how quickly we can process it, and depending on the issue, fix it.

This app works!  Since the launch of the project, 3,160 issues have been entered into the system.  Take a quick moment to download the app at and visit the City’s information on the app at 

If you take a look at the see click fix web site you can see that results are very real – this app is helping us keep Saint Paul the jewel on the river that it is.

Don’t feel like utilizing this app? Are smart phones not your thing? You can always call the City of Saint Paul at 651-266-8989.

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