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Friday, July 11, 2014

Stay Informed with Social Media

Social media lets us share stories, events, photos, and stay in touch with friends and family across the world. It can also be a great tool to stay informed and prepare your family and you before an emergency.

If you’re on social media, check FEMA’s Get Ready campaign on Facebook or Twitter. Right now you can see their featured information on lightning or see tips to #BeatTheHeat this summer.

Did you know that FEMA has YouTube as well? You can see great preparedness videos like “The Day Before series or watch important messages related to preparation or recovery efforts. If you’re interested in what FEMA is doing in the community, follow them on Facebook or Twitter @femaregion5.

It’s also important to follow the National Weather Service (NWS) on Twitter, @NWS or @NWSTwinCities , not only can you stay informed, but you can share your damage or weather pictures directly with the NWS.

Make sure to stay informed locally with videos from the Ramsey County Emergency Management Department - Meet Disaster and Preparedness, and Get Ready Gopher or connect directly with our city. Check out Saint Paul’s Facebook for up to date information on what’s happening in The Most Livable City in America.

Local Social Media Resources:

· @sppdPIO - Official Twitter page of the Saint Paul Police Department. Additionally, you can find each police district (Western, Central, Eastern, Headquarters) on Facebook as well.

· @StPaulFireDept - See stories, videos, messages and other information from the offical Saint Paul Fire Department twitter handle.

· @stpaulpublicw - Get updates on current activities, road closures, snow emergencies, street sweeping, tree removal, debris cleanup and much more from Saint Paul Public Works.

· @cityofsaintpaul - Offers updates and resources on activites, closures and emergencies across the city.

· @SaintPaulParks - Check for updates on current Parks and Recreation activities, closures, and more.

These great resources will not only keep you informed and prepared but help you in the recovery phase as well. So, now that you know what’s available, see which of these options you “Like” to help you #BePrepared.

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