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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Green Line is Open – Take a Ride and Be Safe!

The historic opening of the Green Line was an exciting (and wet!) event for Saint Paul with over 75,000 riders getting on board during opening weekend!  Now that those first commuters have some rides under their belt, and with so many excellent restaurants and local businesses to explore, lots of people will be on and around the trains and platforms as they head out on Green Line adventures.  But the start of service also means that riders, drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians need to make safety around trains a priority and take the time to learn how to be safe around light rail.

As we learned during the testing phase, accidents can happen when warnings or barriers are ignored, and its important to remember that all warning signs near the tracks and stations need to be followed.  Here are some tips to share with your friends and family – especially children – about safety around the trains.

       Trains can come on any track, at any time, from either direction.  Don’t assume you know when and where to expect a train.

       Trains move faster than they appear and cannot stop as quickly as a car. 

       Never walk or play on tracks - it is both illegal and dangerous.

       Cross tracks ONLY in designated areas.

       Never bike or skateboard on the tracks.

       Pay attention near the tracks. Listen for horns and warning bells.

       Look both ways before crossing the tracks by car, bicycle or on foot.

For those that will be driving along the corridor, here are some important reminders for motorists:

       Trains don’t have steering wheels and can’t swerve out of your way.

       Never try to beat a train through a light. The train will clear the intersection in a few seconds.

       Obey all traffic signals and warning signs.

Crashes involving trains are not only extremely dangerous for those involved, but also slow down travel for everyone else.  While the train and improved connecting bus service will help tens of thousands get around St. Paul and the region, making sure that this great new asset is safe for all will be key to its success.

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