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Friday, May 23, 2014

Save time and resources by going paperless!

Customers who currently receive a quarterly bill can choose between paying your bill as you receive it now, or, if you want to divide your bills into equal monthly payments, you can choose our monthly manager system. Either way, your water bill will automatically be deducted from your checking or savings account, whichever account you choose.
You will still get a statement each billing cycle telling you the date the bill amount was drawn from your account. Forms are available here.

 To give you even more options, you can also choose to go paperless or make credit card payments online at our online service at If you choose to go paperless with an ebill, you will get quarterly notification via email of the due date of your next bill. With an ebill account you can check on past water use and past payment history. You can also see the breakdown of the components of your bill, including Right-of-Way, sewer and water charges.

Choose how you want to receive your water bill today. Check here for more information.

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