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Monday, April 14, 2014

Saint Paul is ‘All In’ with Single Sort Recycling

Last week the City of Saint Paul and Eureka Recycling made a transition to single sort recycling, along with an expanded list of acceptable plastics, to make the shift towards a contemporary and convenient recycling operation. Effective April 7, residents now have the option to recycle plastics 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7. But there’s more to come! The city is now in a much stronger position to meet its ambitious goal of diverting 80 percent of its solid waste from landfills by the year 2030. 

After a year-long process listening to the community and working with Wilder Research on the comprehensive recycling assessment, residents told the city that they wanted their recycling program to be convenient, affordable, and most importantly, to accept a broader spectrum of recyclable material. To invigorate the recycling program, the city has launched its “All In” public awareness campaign around the new recycling changes and enhanced programs to come.

Why “All In” and what does that mean?
“All In” asks all of us to participate in ways we haven’t in the past and to explore new methods. We need to continue to look for new ways to reduce our waste, recycle all we can, and manage organics more appropriately.

All of us, the city, residents, businesses, and our partners, have to be committed to this effort.  So, Saint Paul, are you All In?

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