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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Do You Have an Unresolved Cable Complaint?

Have you experienced a customer service issue with Comcast without resolution?  If you have, then the city of Saint Paul’s Office of Cable Communications (OCC) could help. 
For a cable company to locate their cable lines (fiber/ co-axial cable and equipment) on public property, they must obtain a cable franchise from the local franchise authority. In Saint Paul, Comcast holds a non-exclusive cable franchise to provide cable television services to its residents.   

The OCC is charged with overseeing the cable franchise, and assisting Saint Paul cable customers with unresolved complaints.  (Please note, federal law limits the city’s authority to ONLY cable television services, and precludes jurisdiction over telephone and data/internet services).
Before reaching out to the OCC, we ask that customers attempt to resolve the complaint directly with Comcast.   You can do this by calling Comcast at 651-222-3333, or by visiting the Xfinity store in Highland Park at 2050 Ford Parkway, at the corner of Cleveland and Ford Parkway.  If the issue/complaint with Comcast remains unresolved, then residents can contact the OCC by calling the customer complaint line, 651-266-8870, or by going to the city’s website and submitting an on-line complaint form.   

The OCC will make every effort to resolve the issue within their purview.     

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