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Friday, March 7, 2014

Youth Lacrosse Leagues Now Offered

Lacrosse is one of America’s fastest growing sports.  Reports from US Lacrosse suggest that the number of participants in the sport have more than doubled since 2001.  Here in Saint Paul, which is home to the professional lacrosse team the Minnesota Swarm, the demand for lacrosse is following the national trend. Last summer the Saint Paul Department of Parks and Recreation partnered with the Lewis Sports Foundation to offer a basic skills lacrosse camp for Saint Paul’s youth.  The purpose of the camp was to provide youth with exposure to lacrosse, teach them basic lacrosse skills, and develop their leadership abilities.  The camps also sought to bring lacrosse, which is typically viewed as a suburban sport, into Saint Paul’s urban core.

Building on the success of last year’s lacrosse camp, the Saint Paul Department of Parks and Recreation is proud to offer Youth Lacrosse leagues for youth ages 6-7 (Co-Rec) and 8-9 (Girls) and 8-9 (Boys).  These new youth summer lacrosse leagues will focus on fun and teaching lacrosse’s introductory skills.  Games will be played at Jimmy Lee Recreation Center on Saturdays from May 31-July 12 with no games on July 5 and all of the equipment required will be provided.  To sign up to participate in summer lacrosse leagues, visit your local recreation center or click here. 

As lacrosse gains more popularity on the national stage through increased media coverage of both professional and collegiate lacrosse, it is anticipated that the demand for lacrosse will continue to grow in Saint Paul.  The Saint Paul Department of Parks and Recreation will continue to position itself to meet these increased demands through partnerships with organizations such as the Lewis Sports Foundation.  The national and local trends are showing that lacrosse is here to stay, and the Saint Paul Department of Parks and Recreation is ready to meet the demand.

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