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Monday, March 3, 2014

Yes, it's still winter--here's a reminder of how to keep your homes safe

It’s the beginning of March, and King Boreas and his crew have come and gone, leaving us thick ice, mounds of snow - but brighter days as spring (slowly) approaches. Although we’re (hopefully) close to the beginning of the end, we still need to be prudent.  

Winter weather brings a host of potential issues for buildings - and their owners.   Keeping snow from building up around combustion air intakes, gas meters and hazards from large icicles is not just good for the health of the building - it keeps residents safe and helps emergency services efficiency.

Here are some tips from the Department of Safety & Inspections on keeping safe:
  • Make sure to keep your meters free-and-clear of ice and snow. Your gas meter has a pressure relief valve and if buried in snow it may not work properly. 
  • Look up and clear icicles along garage and roof lines. Large icicles have been known to fall, hurting people as well as gas meters. 
  • Clear the area around your furnace and laundry vents.  Blocking these with snow will cause the harmful exhaust to back up into your home.
  • Watch out for ice dams and take care of them as necessary.  Ice damns cause water to go under your shingles and can leak into your house.  
  • Shovel your sidewalk to help your neighbors get around safely.  You have 24 hours after a snow fall to completely clear the sidewalk.
  • Clear the snow around your fire hydrants for the Fire Department.  In the event of a fire, every second counts.

Be cautious while clearing snow and ice off of your roof, skylights and mechanical vents.  If not done properly you risk damaging your roof and your life. Make sure to call a professional if you don’t feel safe performing the work yourself.  One thing is for sure, with winter still in full effect, we all still need to exercise caution and care.  

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