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Friday, March 14, 2014

Some water lines are feeling the chill--here's what to do

There is no denying this winter has been very, very cold—and some of our region’s water lines are feeling the chill. While the vast majority of the Saint Paul Regional Water Service’s 94,000 lines are working fine, roughly 400 of them have frozen at some point this winter. That is because in some areas, the frost has gone deeper than where the water lines are buried.

If at one point your water line was frozen and has since thawed out, it is essential that you keep water running continuously until Saint Paul Regional Water Services contacts you. Turning the water off, even for a few minutes, could cause the once frozen line to re-freeze.

If you have a frozen water line, please call SPRWS’ emergency line immediately at 651-266-6868.

More information can be found here here.

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