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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Help us Fight Potholes as the City Asphalt Plant Opens for the Season

Help us Fight Potholes as the City Asphalt Plant Opens for the Season 
Signs of spring abound with April right around the corner. Although less noticeable than the return of birds chirping and bike-friendly weather, the opening of the city’s asphalt plant at 456 Burgess Street is no less an indicator of spring than other natural phenomena.  

With the plant’s opening last week, the City’s Street Maintenance staff – along with dozens of local public agencies – are now able to use the plant’s high grade “hot mix” of asphalt for patching potholes and other road repairs. During the months the plant is idled for repairs and routine maintenance (generally late November through early March), patching crews must rely on a “cold mix” grade of asphalt.

The cold mix grade is a less pliable road patching material, making it more difficult to use, but it’s real downside is that it doesn’t bond well to the surface of the road defect. Because it doesn’t bond well to the pavement, it can be quickly dislodged by snow plows or heavy vehicular traffic. Now that the plant is open, our staff can make a more permanent repair using the “hot mix” grade of asphalt produced by the city’s plant. Over the next several weeks, city maintenance staff will be working both day and night shifts to address potholes and other pavement defects throughout Saint Paul. Click here to learn more about the city’s response to potholes. 

Built in 1962, the city is well served by this facility. It’s centrally located within Saint Paul, making it more efficient for staff to access; it allows for greater control over our labor and materials costs; its emissions are clean and the plant runs quietly.  All-in-all, a good neighbor producing a good product for the benefit of the public. 

Help us fight back against potholes. Please call our Street and Bridge Maintenance Division at (651)-266-9700, email us at, download our free “Saint Paul Connect” app or check our SeeClickFix site to report issues.

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