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Monday, March 3, 2014

Saint Paul Plans Winter Parking Restrictions

There’s no denying this winter has been one of the coldest, and snowiest, in memory --the coldest, in fact, since 1978. As a result of the more than 50 inches of snow this year, and with little-to-no snowmelt in-between falls, banks of ice and snow are encroaching on streets and creating conditions that make it impossible for fire trucks to make it down residential streets when responding to an emergency. Because of this serious public safety concern, the City of Saint Paul is instituting a winter parking ban taking effect on Monday, March 3.

Parking will only be allowed on the odd-numbered side of all residential streets until conditions allow the city to lift the ban. Parking is allowed on both sides of non-residential streets unless otherwise posted. Vehicles which are parked on the even side of residential streets could be ticketed and towed beginning at 8 a.m. Monday, March 3.
An interactive map of what streets are effected, as well as further information, can be found at

Watch where you park, and let’s all keep hoping for a speedy spring.

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