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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wintertime in Saint Paul

As the joke goes, in Minnesota there are four seasons: June, July, August and winter.  While this may not be exactly true, it sometimes may feel like it. The good news is that Saint Paul offers an abundance of fun ways to pass these chillier, and snowier, months. Check out these videos that will help you both enjoy and get through winter here in Saint Paul.
Saint Paul Parks and Recreation has tons of great locations and facilities for fun outdoor winter activities!

So get out there and embrace winter!  Go to for more info.
But, to get to many of these sites throughout our capital city means we need to make sure we adhere to some simple Snow Emergency rules and snow plow etiquette.   

The next video shows how you can be prepared and proactive when it comes to snow emergencies in Saint Paul.

If, and when, the snow starts to pile up along the boulevards, and it probably will, the Saint Paul Fire Department kindly requests that you make sure your fire hydrant remains accessible just in case they need to use it.

And now that you are able to get and move around safely in Saint Paul, jump in your vehicle and enjoy a drive through Phalen Parks’ Holiday in the Lights.

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