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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

With an eye to the past, Dayton’s Bluff plans for the future

Preservation of Hamm's brewery has led to new
development in the area
There are many exciting things happening in the Dayton’s Bluff neighborhood these days—the former Hamm’s brewery is being redeveloped as a hydroponic farm, a distillery and a brewery; Metropolitan State University is planning for a new science center, student union and parking ramp; the city-owned Hospital Linen site is in process to become a new specialty market and senior apartment complex; the Saint Paul Port Authority has been redeveloping the former 3M site; the Dayton’s Bluff Community Council and the East Side Area Business Association have been actively working with small businesses to update store fronts on East 7th Street and develop a neighborhood enterprise center; plans for new transportation options including a streetcar; the Gateway Corridor, and expansion of Nice Ride bikes to the area are being developed; and houses throughout the neighborhood are being rehabilitated, bringing in new residents.
Hamm's Brewery today
With all of these new initiatives taking place, it might be easy to forget the rich history of Dayton’s Bluff.  However, it is the dynamic history of this area that has laid much of the groundwork for these leaps forward.
The Dayton’s Bluff Historic District was approved by the Saint Paul City Council in 1992 to recognize the historical and architectural significance of the neighborhood.  The creation of the historic district was considered an important tool to foster the revitalization of the area.  Guidelines were developed to encourage the retention of historic architectural buildings and features as well as to create a high standard for new design. 

The preservation of these fine older buildings and the details they employ, as well as the protection of the beautiful natural setting of the neighborhood, remain among the reasons that new residents and businesses are drawn to the area.  As this area enjoys its renaissance, the neighborhood will continue to build upon the strong foundation of the historic district to inform and strengthen plans for the future.

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