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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Saint Paul Animal Control Recognized for Outstanding Leadership

The Department of Safety and Inspections is pleased to announce that Animal Ark, a no-kill animal shelter and animal advocacy organization, is honoring the City of Saint Paul’s Animal Control Program, part of the Department of Safety and Inspections, for outstanding leadership in promoting innovative animal control techniques both in the field and in the shelter.

Such techniques include legislation passed by the Saint Paul City Council to restrict tethering for dogs on private property.  This is an important tool for preventing cruelty or neglect against Saint Paul’s canine residents.  Saint Paul Animal Control is also taking meaningful steps to increase live release of animals that come to the Animal Control Center in healthy and temperamentally sound condition. Saint Paul Animal Control leadership and staff are working toward this goal by building strong partnerships with the not-for-profit animal rescue community.  Animal Control is now working to reunite animals with their owners who bear identification without impounding them at Animal Control.  In addition, Animal Control is now utilizing skilled veterinary care and enrichment opportunities to provide a higher quality of housing for animals at the Center. Increasing the live release of animals helps build trust and confidence from the community and increases Saint Paul’s reputation as a safe and humane community for its human and animal residents.

Recipients of the Animal Ark 2013 Leadership Awards are: Mayor Christopher B. Coleman, City Council President Kathy Lantry, Ricardo Cervantes, Director of Safety and Inspections, Christine Rozek, Deputy Director of Licensing, and Molly Lunaris, Animal Control Supervisor. The award will be presented on November 9, 2013 at Animal Ark’s Holiday Auction.

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