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Friday, September 6, 2013

We Have Fish! - Ward 7 Welcomes its Newest Residents

Submitted by Saint Paul City Council President Kathy Lantry, Ward 7

Tilapia at Urban Organics
On August 15, there was big excitement on the East Side as Urban Organics received its first shipment of 4,000 young tilapia fish at the rehabilitated stock house building on the former Hamm’s Brewery campus at Payne and Minnehaha. The fish are making their new home in one of several tanks specifically outfitted for their needs. They will grow up to become a tasty dinner option at local restaurants and grocery stores and their by-products will also help fertilize the organic vegetables that will be grown by Urban Organics in the same building.

Fish Tanks
We are told that the fish are enjoying their new home on the East Side - particularly the sky blue water in their tanks which comes from a re-opened well on the Hamm’s site.  This same sky blue water will be used by Flat Earth Brewing and Mill City Distillery which will be opening in other buildings on the Hamm’s campus. If the fish are really lucky, they may get to enjoy some of the by-products from the adult beverages that will be made in the neighborhood. That should make for happy fish indeed.

It is great to see all of these new neighbors working together to provide fresh, locally made food and beverages for our community. We are happy to welcome them and we can’t wait for the National Night Out party on their block! 

Bringing in the fish tanks.

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