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Friday, September 20, 2013

Have an opinion about city cable? Let your voice be heard!

The City of Saint Paul and Comcast, the city’s franchised cable provider, are in the process of negotiating the renewal of the cable franchise.  The cable franchise, which was to expire this past July, has been extended through January, 2014.  Both the city and Comcast must adhere to the federal renewal process.   The public is invited to participate in a process where we assess the community’s needs and gather feedback about the current cable arrangement.  The Saint Paul Neighborhood Network (SPNN), working with the city, is holding a series of six workshops on the future of cable service, community media and technology. The focus group workshops will be conducted by The Buske Group, a nationally-recognized public policy consulting firm hired specifically to help identify community needs and interests.

Learn about the cable franchise renewal process.  See examples of how community media is being used in the digital age.  Share your ideas.  Participate in one of these workshops. 

Learn and share -- and have an impact on your community.

Ø  Local Government departments, agencies and boards
Ø  Wednesday, Oct. 2, 10am – Noon,  City Hall, 15 W. Kellogg Blvd, Room 42

Ø  K-12 schools, colleges, teachers, staff, & parents
Ø  Wednesday, Oct. 2, 4pm-6pm, Location TBA

Ø  Community nonprofit, arts, culture, & heritage organizations
Ø  Thursday, Oct. 3,  Noon-2pm, Northwest Area Foundation, 60 Plato Blvd

Ø  Neighborhood & civic organizations
Ø  Thursday, Oct. 3,   7pm-9pm, SPNN, 375 Jackson, Suite 170

Ø  Health, human services, seniors, & faith-based groups
Ø  Friday, Oct. 4, 10am-Noon, Rondo Library, 461 N Dale St, All-purpose room

Ø  Youth, youth organizations, & advocates
Ø  Friday, Oct. 4, 3:30pm-5:30pm, SPNN, 375 Jackson, Suite 170

If you are planning on attending one of these sessions, please RSVP by September 25 with the workshop of your choice. Click here to sign up online, or call us at 651-224-5153.

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