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Monday, August 12, 2013

City Videos – Granicus, YouTube, Vimeo

Prior to August 8, 2008 the city only used the webstreaming services of Granicus to display its city meetings and videos. While the city still contracts with Granicus for these same services, the primary use today for Granicus has been the coverage of meetings and the ability to link the meeting agenda with the meeting.
 What changed five years ago was the establishment of the city’s own YouTube government channel.   At the time, very few local governments were using YouTube as a means to communicate with the public.  Today, YouTube is only one of several social media video outlets the City of Saint Paul uses to get out its messages.  In addition to Granicus and YouTube, the city has started using Vimeo as well.    
Prior to Granicus, the only way a Saint Paul resident could watch the city’s video programming was to tune into the city’s government access channel, City18.  Today, not only can Saint Paul residents watch the city messages and information, but the entire world can … and does.
As illustrated, city videos on YouTube have increased each year. 

And that number is projected to rise again in 2013, eclipsing 125,000 viewers by the end of the year. By the end of August, the city’s YouTube library will consist of over 800 videos!  
By using YouTube, and other social media sites, the City of Saint Paul has been able to fine-tune its approach to informing the public about the city’s programs, activities, events and more by not only posting the videos on the city’s government TV and web channels, but to cooperatively link the videos on websites pertinent to the video’s topic. 
The easiest way to view videos on any of these websites is to add them to your favorite lists—or, for videos on YouTube, simply click on the YouTube icon on the city’s homepage, Thanks for watching!

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