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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Let’s go ride a bike!

One way to enjoy Minnesota’s short summer is to hop on a bike and take a ride. There’s a plethora of biking trails around the City of Saint Paul, some longer and more competitive, others short and scenic – perfect to enjoy nature or get in a great workout. No matter what your preference, here are some favorites.

Located between Saint Paul and Pine Point Park, Gateway State Tail provides 18 smooth paved miles of fun. Starting in Saint Paul, this path offers an easy ride out of town. The trail provides views of ponds, forests, and wetlands. This popular path can get crowded on the weekends, so if you prefer quieter rides, a midweek visit is a great option.

Located in northwest Saint Paul, Lake Como is one of the largest lakes to bike around in the city. Centered around Como Park, this paved 1.75-mile bike trail is fairly flat and provides a very picturesque experience for any bicyclist. If the less than two mile ride seems a bit short, try a couple of laps or add a loop of Lake Como to a longer ride that takes you through the area.

Located on the east side of Saint Paul, Phalen Regional Park Trail provides a 3.2-mile path full of amazing views of Lake Phalen.  Conveniently connected to the Gateway State Trail, this paved trail circles around one of the most popular fishing lakes in Saint Paul. With concessions available if you get thirsty, this park is an ideal spot to ride a bike.

Located between Maplewood and Saint Paul, the 6.2-mile Bruce Vento Regional Trail is mostly off-road and provides scenic areas where it runs through a ravine. The trail is perfect for any length of bicycle trip and you can connect from there to the Gateway or make a loop around Lake Phalen.

Located along the Mississippi River in Saint Paul, the 5.5-mile trail provides the best views of the downtown Saint Paul. With lots of activity to look at and an abundance of restaurants to visit, the Sam Morgan Regional Trail provides almost a constant view of the Mississippi and its parkland.

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