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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Intro to Seal Coating 101

Beginning August 1, 2013 and continuing into mid-September, the City of Saint Paul will be seal coating all paved alleys and residential streets. “NO PARKING” signs will be clearly posted in streets the day before the seal coating process begins.

To fully understand all the advantages to this modern maintenance, here’s a step-by-step explanation:

Step One – No parking signs are installed.
Step Two- Street is swept clean.
Step Three- A layer of liquid asphalt covers the street.
Step Four- A layer of gravel goes on top.
Step Five- The gravel is worked in.
Step Six- The seal coated street is swept.
Step Seven- Enjoy a paved street that will last significantly longer because of this preventive maintenance.

The general boundaries are Summit Avenue (north), Lexington Avenue (east), Montreal Avenue (south) and Mississippi River Boulevard (west).

The next day after the seal coating process, the streets are swept again to pick up any loose gravel and recovered and screened for use in the following days' work.

If you have specific questions, please call our information line at 651-266-9700.

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