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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Have You Thanked Your Friendly Fire Inspector Lately?

Saint Paul fire inspectors: Protecting lives and property since 1915.  It’s more than just a tag line – it’s true!  For almost 100 years now, Saint Paul has taken great pride in keeping both commercial and residential property safe for occupants and firefighters.  We see fire inspections as more than just checking the status of a building on any particular day.  Every inspection is an educational opportunity.  Fortunately, most property owners and tenants don’t routinely see the devastation fire causes.  Our inspectors do, which makes them not only experienced and helpful, but informed. 

In 2012, Saint Paul fire inspectors performed more than 25,000 inspections.  These inspections include routine inspections and complaints or referrals from residents, other city staff, councilmembers and firefighters.  The goal is to leave the property safer than we arrived.  This change is dramatically seen in residential property where their inspection receives a letter grade.  In 2010, 33 percent of residential properties improved their letter grade from the previous year and this trend continues to rise.  In 2011, 46 percent improved and in 2012, 51 percent improved. 

So next time you see your friendly fire inspector, say hi and be sure to ask them any burning fire safety questions!

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