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Friday, June 14, 2013

The sun is out and home improvements are beginning—make sure you’re doing it right.

The busy construction season is now upon us as warm months are finally here. For the safety of our residents, the Saint Paul Department of Safety and Inspections (DSI) would like to take the opportunity to remind people to make sure that the work they are performing on their property is done in a safe manner and up to code. The best way a homeowner can assure that the work performed will be safe now and in the long term is to pull a permit through DSI. Our experienced, professional inspectors will assure that your project meets the proper codes and is safe for you and your family.   

Many types of permits can be pulled online by going to DSI’s website here.
Any construction work being performed with a valuation exceeding $500 requires a permit in the City of St. Paul. There are a few exceptions to this, but generally speaking, electrical, mechanical, ventilation or building projects require a permit.  You can check to make sure a permit is pulled for work on your home, building, or any other property by visiting this site and clicking on “Look Up Property/Permit Application.”
It is important that homeowners and property owners understand that they have the right to:
1) Ask their contractor for a copy of the permit, which should be obtained prior to commencement of any work performed;
2) Ask for a copy of the SIGNED permit at the end of the project to ensure that all required inspections have been completed and the work has been approved and, most importantly;
DSI is a service for the community. Please use this service for the safety of your own property and the community in general.
Happy building!

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