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Monday, June 24, 2013

New pedestrian signs aim to make Saint Paul a friendlier city for foot travel

Dynamic Speed Display Signs in St. Paul
How to get motorists to slow down is a question that is always on the minds of the traffic engineers who work in the city’s Public Works Department.  One proven way to increase speed limit compliance is through the use of dynamic speed display signs.

You’ve probably seen these signs while driving around the metro area.  They’re usually attached to the street’s speed limit sign and their purpose is to send a constant readout of the speed of the car that is approaching the sign.

Studies from around the country have shown that drivers in the presence of these signs are much more likely to conform their speed to the  posted limited. These studies have also shown that these signs raise overall driver awareness of objects in their field of view.

To learn more about Saint Paul’s use of these signs on a permanent basis at critical intersections, visit

Temporary Pedestrian Centerline Signs
Public Works Traffic Engineering staff continues to work to make pedestrian crossings in Saint Paul safer for residents.  We have expanded the seasonal temporary pedestrian centerline sign program to include 40 signs throughout the city this year.

Signs are distinguished by their fluorescent yellow color and accompanied by the words “State Law, Stop for Pedestrians within the Crosswalk” at intersections where there are high volumes of pedestrians crossing the street.

Due to high demand and fact that signs fade into background for drivers over time, we’ll be rotating the placement of the signs every four weeks.  Residents who are interested in having a sign posted at an intersection that they feel could benefit from greater driver awareness of pedestrians may contact our Traffic Engineering section at

Our traffic engineers will evaluate the request and determine if the intersection location meets the criteria of being either an arterial or collector street, has less than or equal to three lanes and has a posted speed limit of 35 miles per hours or less.

If a request meets the base criteria, it will be ranked on effective value of placement.  It should also be noted that centerline signs will not be used at intersections with stop or signal control.

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