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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Councilmember Brendmoen: Keeping Saint Paul Beautiful is Everyone’s Job

Submitted by Saint Paul City Councilmember Amy Brendmoen, Ward 5

I love spending time walking, running, biking and driving around the amazing neighborhoods of Saint Paul. It’s fun to take note of interesting homes, new investments, cool paths, busy neighbors.  And I have to confess that while doing so, I have a bit of an obsession.

It’s litter.  It drives me crazy. Everywhere I go, I make a point to pick up trash I see or make a call to the city staff to report bulky items that are more than I can handle.

As policymakers, we work to find solutions to these issues like expanding recycling, improving trash service, easy reporting to city, hosting seasonal neighborhood clean ups, and investigating ways to manage large items such as mattresses and furniture. And we will continue to do so.
Students of Great River School helped keep Saint Paul clean during #CleanUpSaintPaul

But cleaning up the city is a huge job, and Saint Paul belongs to all of us. So while you're out enjoying summer in Saint Paul, I ask you to join me (and the many others I see doing the same) in taking opportunities to make it more enjoyable for all. In pursuing your summer activities, I hope you’ll consider:

·         Taking an extra moment to pick up trash or stray recycling you see on the ground.

·         Organizing your family or neighbors to spend some time picking up a street or park.

·         Joining your neighborhood clean-up, such as the Payne Phalen Planning Council’s clean-up on the east side of my ward this Saturday.

·         Offering your neighbors some help if you notice a property has fallen to neglect, or calling the city (651-266-8989) if needed.

Everything, literally every bit of rubbish that we see in the streets, eventually will make its way into our storm water system and ultimately into our lakes and/or the Mississippi River. The importance of keeping litter in its place is very poignant considering that that the only true source of water to our beautiful Como Lake is a handful of storm water drain pipes. Our collective efforts can truly make a difference in the appearance of our community and the condition of our waterways.

Thanks for joining in me in keeping our city a beautiful and livable place!

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