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Monday, June 3, 2013

We Have a Video For That

Every week, a lot goes on in the City of Saint Paul—from new business openings to press conferences to fun events and beyond--and we have a talented team to capture the most important pieces on film.

At Mayor Coleman’s 2013 State of the City Address, a video produced by the City of Saint Paul’s Office of Technology and Communications (OTC), “Saint Paul Is … helped set the tone for his remarks. But “Saint Paul Is …” is only one of approximately 650 videos available for viewing on the City’s YouTube website, .

Each city-produced video is intended to convey a message and information about some aspect of Saint Paul, its operations, events or activities. From simple, straightforward PSAs (public service announcements) such as Pothole Fishin’, to videos that cover city press events like Sgt. Joe Bergeron Memorial Dedication, to videos that capture one of Saint Paul’s many perspectives, like Saint Paul Firefighters: Living the Legacy.

To date, Saint Paul’s Communications division of OTC has received approximately 100 state and national awards for their productions. In fact, each of the videos above are award-winning, with the exception of “Saint Paul Is …” (we have our fingers crossed!)   Our most recent awards, given by the MN Association of Government Communicators on May 20, was an Award of Excellence for Minnesota Fallen Firefighter Memorial Dedication and an Award of Merit for Support a Lowertown Ballpark.

Check out our videos at  

Thanks for watching!

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